I wond’r if we can stay here forever? Doing very little on the gorgeous island of Phu Quoc

Despite nearing the end of our Asian odyssey, new exciting forms of transport were just around the corner! After a quick mini bus transfer to a bus depot on the outskirts of Can Tho, we soon found ourselves finally setting foot on board a sleeper bus. Rather than the usual two rows of seats either side of a central aisle, here there were three separate rows of bunk-beads lined up along two narrow aisles. Initially it felt quite odd basically lying down on the floor (as we were on the bottom), but soon we settled in and were both genuinely disappointed once we had to get off at the ferry terminal two hours later 🙁

As we’d already purchased our boat tickets to Phu Quoc while in Can Tho, we had an hour to loiter about the waiting room. Not wanting to risk the grubby looking street food, we instead played it safe in the form of Vietnamese pot noodles.

Once on board we were treated to some interesting TV entertainment: a Vietnamese stand up comedy routine featuring blokes with odd haircuts, followed by an extremely long tourism piece in the form of a cheesy music video. At least we then got to enjoy a proper film: Kong Island, making good sense of it despite the volume being turned down and it having Vietnamese subtitles.

Following a half hour taxi ride from the ferry terminal, we arrived at our Homestay in Ong Lang on the central west coast of the island. We were immediately greeted by the lovely owner, who welcomed us with AMAZING passion fruit drinks, made from the fruits from his own garden!

After hearing how touch and go the weather had been recently, we decided to rush down to the beach for a quick swim before catching the sunset. The water was beautifully warm and the sunset certainty didn’t disappoint:

Later that evening while having dinner in a nearby mosquito infested outdoor eatery, poor Joella became unwell. Having spotted her plate of untouched food, the owner very kindly made a pot of ginger tea for us to take home with us. Although the tea was kindly received, unfortunately it didn’t have the magical immediate curing effect we hoped or were promised.

With Joella ill, I was left to be an independent traveller for the next couple of days (in between fetching everything she needed of course). One evening I decided to go for a walk alone and ended up returning waste high in mud, having had to run away from a rather pissed off looking dog! Perhaps I’m not cut out to travel on my own…

Fortunately we both made it to the beach again on our last day, before enjoying food and drinks with the homestay owners family and friends. One of the local chaps who spoke good English helpfully educated us in local politics and how to swear in Vietnamese – very handy!

I can’t believe the next stop will be our last – Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City…

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